UK and partners target new sanctions on Russia-North Korea oil-weapons trade

The UK, together with international partners, has announced a new sanctions package targeting the Russia-North Korea ‘arms for oil’ trade.

3 companies and 1 individual will be subject to a range of measures, including asset freezes, travel bans and transport sanctions.

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron said: “Mr Putin is pulling out all the stops to continue his illegal war in Ukraine, even resorting to illegal ‘arms-for-oil’ trade deals with North Korea, flagrantly violating UN sanctions that Russia itself voted for, and vetoing UN Monitoring panels that report on his activities. We cannot and will not remain silent as North Korea and Russia engage in arms transfers. The UK will continue to hold North Korea and Russia to account. We will work with our partners to uphold the global non-proliferation regime and international peace and security.”

The latest sanctions package includes the following measures:

  • The North Korean company Paekyangsan Shipping Co Ltd, which operates the North Korean-flagged vessel Paek Yang San 1 and has played a role in facilitating North Korea’s military programmes through the transfer of oil products between Russia and North Korea.
  • Toplivo Bunkering Company (TBK) and its director Aleksey Mikhailovich Vorotnikov for allowing ships delivering oil to North Korea to refuel in the Russian port of Vostochny.
  • A leading Russian supplier of cargo services in the Russian transport sector, Vostochnaya Stevedoring Co LLC, operating in the port of Vostochny.
  • Aleksey Mikhailovich Vorotnikov will be subject to asset freezing and travel ban, Paekyangsan Shipping Co Ltd will be subject to asset freezing and transport sanctions, and Toplivo Bunkering Company will be subject to asset freezing. Vostochnaya Stevedoring Co LLC will be subject to an asset freeze and trust services sanctions.

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