US Treasury Department’s new sanctions list against Russia includes companies from Turkey

The US Treasury Department has taken new measures for companies allegedly violating sanctions imposed on Russia over the Ukraine war. The newly announced sanctions list includes three companies from Turkey.

The US Treasury Department has published a new list of companies that allegedly helped violate Western sanctions against Russia over the war. According to the statement, the new sanctions targeted Russia’s defence industry, as well as chemical and biological weapons programmes and companies and individuals in third countries that provide important materials for Russia’s defence production. In total, about 300 companies, individuals and institutions were targeted in the new list announced by the Ministry of Defence. About 60 of them are located in Azerbaijan, China, Belgium, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and Slovakia.

Etasis Elektronik Weighing Instruments and Systems Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi in Turkey sold British machinery and vehicle equipment to companies in Russia, and shipped a large number of goods to Vektor and Promoil, which supply Russian defence companies and are on the US sanctions list. AYA Universal Denizcilik Kumanyacılık Liman Hizmetleri İthalat İhracat Limited Şirketi, located in Turkey, shipped diesel engine parts to KAMAZ company in Russia.

It was also stated that Alpha Impex Import and Export Foreign Trade Limited Company, which is also located in Turkey, made shipments worth $ 2 million to users in Russia at the end of 2023, and among these goods were programmable devices, microcircuits and transistors.

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