Czechs sanction pro-Russian Medvedchuk and his website

The Czech government has sanctioned two individuals, including pro-Russian Ukrainian politician Viktor Medvedchuk and the news website, for leading a pro-Russian influence operation in Europe, the Czech Foreign Ministry announced.

Medvedchuk, who was transferred to Russia in 2022, allegedly secretly financed the Czech-registered Voice of Europe’s influence operations, including financial support for European politicians ahead of this year’s European Parliament elections, Reuters reported.

According to the ministry, this influence campaign is aimed at Ukraine’s territorial integrity, sovereignty and freedom. Medvedchuk is a businessman and former parliamentarian who was exiled to Russia in 2022 in exchange for Ukrainian prisoners of war. He was also stripped of his Ukrainian citizenship.

They used website to spread anti-Ukrainian propaganda

The sanctions statement also said that Artem Marchevskyi, a Ukrainian and Israeli citizen who runs the Voice of Europe on Medvedchuk’s instructions, was sanctioned for the same activity and that Marchevskyi used the website to spread anti-Ukrainian propaganda and disinformation.

The sanctions also include freezing the financial accounts of the individuals concerned.

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