Banking and Finance

The regulated industry is all about adequate, knowledgeable management of a variety of risks. Financial institutions, banks, funds, credit, and asset management firms will never lose their position at the very centre of regulatory focus. 2021 saw a rise in penalties targeting the industry, including the traditionally prestigious institutions, national banks, brokers, asset management firms and lenders ending up paying hefty fines to watchdog organisations.

Our Precision Standard

Given the frequency and the number of penalties imposed on traditional banks and their online counterparts alike, there currently seems no gap between the two categories in means of stringency in fulfilling their AML requirements. Competing against agile players, banks integrate innovative solutions at a quicker pace.

Legacy methods focusing on ancillary angles yield very few results in mitigating Third Party risk, nevertheless hi-tech solutions that cannot establish an adequate screening modus can leave systems as vulnerable. An unseen loophole can be exploited to the maximum by illicit actors, with severe consequences for institutions.

Banking and Finance industries require adequate compliance programs that match their standard of efficiency.

Our hands-on experience allows us to identify the weaknesses in complicated systems & plug the gaps. Sanction Trace empowers all three lines of defences the Banking and Finance industry relies on: with Sanction Trace at the crux of compliance programs, Business Units are shielded with advanced due diligence capabilities, compliance departments leverage a formidable toolkit, can assign proper levels of control to each risk profile, finally, internal audit divisions capitalise on well-categorized data, and leverage hi-end document retention capacities.

Sanction Trace’s precision standard in risk profiling, granularity in tracking financial footprints and in-depth due diligence capacities consolidate all the defences for the banking industry where failures in urgency give way to crises, and failures in continuity spawn compliance labyrinths.

Let our tech match your standards, scope

All-in-one suite of tools to boost the effectiveness of all your defences, from the frontline to internal.

Precision & granularity, redefined

Sanction Trace’s granular precision redefines the standards in transaction monitoring.

Stay ahead of every risk

Monitor the global trade environment to stay up to date on changes in sanctions and criminal lists.