The Next level solution in global risk intelligence

Manage Sanction and Third-Party related risks with real-time, integrated data & enhanced risk profiling. 

Sanction Trace is the next level, one-stop-shop risk intelligence platform that streamlines extensive complianceKYC and KYB solutions. Our cutting edge tools deliver to your end-to-end compliance needs, assist your organisation to keep up with ever-expanding sanction regimes, and counter money laundering or illicit financing risks every step of the way.


Elevate your due diligence capacity and maintain operational excellence with Sanction Trace’s propriety technology that generates insights and connects the dots to help you uncover compliance risks.

KYC & KYB Screening

Gaze through layers of third-party info, illuminate ownership structures, networks and nexuses with data extracted from the most reliable sources.

Transaction Monitoring

High-level granularity is increased clarity. Sanction Trace’s transaction monitoring capacity rests on paramount data accuracy, customized risk-based scenarios, and innovative segmentation.

Real-Time, Integrated Data Sets

Leverage the power of alive data, high-end aggregation, integrated API that secures enhanced due diligence standards.

Streamlined Reporting & Document Retention

Tap into the convenience of creating flawless audit trails, via single, customized reports. All reports are generated with a unique code that ensures authenticity.

Holistic, Ongoing Compliance Support

Invest in a highly innovative tech tool that supports ongoing compliance needs. Sanction Trace is not just a scanner - it is built as a backbone to support every component of your compliance program.

State-of-the-Art Search Algorithm

Let Sanction Trace solve the complex puzzle for you. Sanction Trace’s advanced analytic tools and sophisticated screening algorithm drill into & refine profound layers of data.
What makes Sanction Trace a frontier solution?

While AI-driven solutions are the new industry standard, Sanction Trace is committed to compound the power of data with industry-specific insights, efficiency and a process-oriented approach. We offer a comprehensive toolkit, not a one-off fix or a scanner.

AML compliance is not a one-off fix, but an ongoing process. Subpar compliance systems cannot deliver the forward-momentum and continuity you need, and failures gnaw away at your precious resources. Sanction Trace’s all-around, systemic, real-time monitoring and KYC, KYB and enhanced due diligence capabilities are built to support continuity in compliance. Conduct checks at multiple predetermined points across the third-party life-cycle, screen your entire database, access frequently updated data from anywhere and transform burdens into advantages. 

Sanction Trace’s crisp and easy to navigate interface allows multiple checkpoints for users. Assign roles customised according to specific functions or responsibilities and harmonise and streamline your workflow. Establish efficiency via the configurable dashboard and data analytics to streamline reporting, while ensuring robust document retention for internal and regulatory audits.

Sanction Trace is developed by a dedicated team of legal and compliance professionals adept in perfecting compliance programs, interpreting ever-evolving risk landscapes and multiple streams of information. Driven by AI and empowered by insight, Sanction Trace accommodates an expansive spectrum of Enhanced Due Diligence solutions against myriad ways risk presents itself, to keep your organization clear of compliance maelstroms however demanding the global landscape may be.

A cloud-enabled SaaS service or a tailor-made, on-premise built tool… Our expert team is ready to identify your unique requirements, and to help you bridge the gap between your requisites and the most effective solution for your specific needs of privacy, flexibility, and efficiency.  Sanction Trace runs as swift, reliable, secure and effective and responds to your organisational priorities as efficiently in both planes.

Why Sanction Trace?

Linguistic Precision

Sanction Trace algorithm employs linguistic precision, diminishing fuzzy logic problems and minimising both false positives and false negatives sourcing from alternative spellings.
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Robust Security Policy

Sanction Trace is secured against cyber-attacks, data-leaks, or any similar compromise scenario. Privacy and security are at the core of our strategy against data-related risks including hostile intervention and negligence.
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Real-time, Actionable Data

In the realm of data, actionability is quality. Sanction Trace extracts data from reliable, official sources that is structured, and updated around the clock to boost agility in decision making. Our time-critical delivery allows you to monitor and aptly adjust to minute changes.
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Compatible and Flexible

Compatible with multiple industry-standard platforms, Sanction Trace integrates into every integrable ERP/CRM system seamlessly. On-premises built or API configurations are readily available for your organisational requirements.
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Break Down Silos

Siloed information within an organisation can lead to mazes of data that cloud the big picture. Sanction Trace’s unifying solutions break down silos from top-to-bottom and laterally, ensuring uniformity across departments.
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100% Customisable

Run spontaneous AML/ABC/CTF scans of individuals or entities, screen batches of names, or your entire database with different configurations or risk approaches. Set your own criteria, recalibrate, and reconfigure according to your risk tolerance.
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Our Solutions

Next Level Compliance Tools

Sanction Trace – Anchor ™

Sanction Trace Anchor ™ is the plug-and-play AML/CTF/ABC solution that defines new frontiers in automated compliance. A turnkey, all-in-one tool to effectively manage sanction or third-party related risks for ongoing needs.   


  • Linguistically Intelligent Sanction Screening & PEP & Watchlist Search Algorithm  
  • Verifiable Reports   
  • Customised User Roles   
  • Ability to reduce False Positives significantly  
  • Integrated, Alive Data Sheets  
  • Compatible with all integrable CRM/ERM Systems.  

Sanction Trace – Excelsis ™

Sanction Trace Excelsis ™ unlocks enhanced features that elevate your risk awareness to the next level, rendering any risk landscape infinitely more transparent and your decisions informed and time-efficient…


  • All Anchor features in full, plus:
  • 100% Customisable     
  • User-set Filters and Criteria Screening   
  • Transaction Monitoring   
  • Sector-specific, Unique Scenarios  
  • Multiple Checkpoints Customised in accordance with specific functions and departments 
  • Configurable Dashboard and Reporting.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Sizeable companies steering extensive operations and specialist firms reputed to drive niches trust Sanction Trace alike in bringing clarity to the risk realities they face. Sanction Trace’s industry-specific, process-oriented approach streamline all risk management needs, for both sizeable and specialist organisations, easing complicated workflows.



INTERPOL identified new criminal methods, blocked accounts used for fraud in a global operation.

Israel is said to have trimmed the number of countries eligible to buy its cyber tech, following the U.S. Commerce Department blacklisting of the NSO Group,

The U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has sanctioned an individual in charge of finances for the Islamic State in Khorasan, Afghanistan.

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