EU condemns Russia’s list of “Unfriendly States”, calls it incompatible with Vienna Convention.

The EU Council High Representative condemned Russia's inclusion of five EU countries into its "Unfriendly States" list, calling it against 1961 Vienna Convention.

The European Union High Representative on 22nd July released a press release expressing the Union’s view of Russia’s adding five EU members, a to its list of “Unfriendly States”.


Condemning the Russian government’s move on 20th July to include Greece, Denmark, Slovakia and Slovenia to its growing list of hostile states, the HR press release called the Russian government to rescind the listings, calling the accusations baseless.


Russia takes measures against the countries in its “unfriendly states” list in accordance with the “Response to Unfriendly Actions of Foreign States” act, which, as a course of escalatory action, the European Union regards as incompatible with the Vienna Convention of 1961.


The release repeats the European Union call to Russia to stop its unprovoked aggression against Ukraine and subsequent breaches of international law “including breaches of its own international obligations and commitments”.