Film finance fraud: Movie producer sentenced to over 21 years by South Florida court

The entertainment industry is fertile ground for fraudsters owing to the size of funds involved. The DOJ announced that a South Florida District court sentenced a 44 year old man who ran a scheme to fraud his victims off $60M, to more than 21 years in jail.

On July 22, the a federal district court in South Florida sentenced 44 year old Jason Van Eman to more than 21 years in prison for scamming investors of more than $60 million.

Van Eman was charged with conspiracy, and money laundering back in May.


Identifying himself as a film producer and financier, Van Eman offered his victims opportunities to fund independent pictures, Broadway plays, events, and productions. Promising every contribution will be matched by his co-conspirator and partner Benjamin McConley, Van Eman frauded his victims off $60 million. Securing the cooperation of a bank employee, Van Eman fed the investors the story that their investments are matched and they are in a bank account.


Van Eman spent the amount he received from his victims on luxury goods, real estate, accommodations as well as bankrolling movies in which he was cast as an actor.


The film industry is prone to be used by scammers owing to the size of finances involved to complete productions, as well as the difficulty of  tracing expenditure.

Van Eman is ordered to pay victims more than 9 million in restitution.