Germany reviews EU decision on ArvanCloud sanctions

The German Foreign Ministry spokesperson announced that the removal of Iranian firm ArvanCloud from the EU sanctions list is under review.

The company was at the center of anti-government protests in 2022 over its role in Iran’s internet censorship. And it was sanctioned at the time.

“The case is currently under review by the European Court of Justice. We cannot confirm any decision by the EU to lift sanctions against ArvanCloud.”

Iran International reported earlier this week that the European Union was planning to delist ArvanCloud. However, according to a source close to European diplomats, the decision is pending approval.

Company claims that they provided free internet during protests

ArvanCloud had challenged the sanctions by filing a complaint with the European Court of Justice and pressuring European governments through political channels. Simultaneously, the company announced the termination of its contract with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

ArvanCloud’s international investors claim that the company provided free internet access to millions of Iranian citizens during the Women, Life, Freedom protests in 2022-2023. This testimony may have influenced the EU’s decision to reconsider sanctions against ArvanCloud.

Iran has systematically blocked tens of thousands of websites since 2002. With the emergence of social media, it has extended its censorship to platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. In addition, traditional media is subject to detailed censorship, including books and movies, with restrictions based on Islamic beliefs and political content.

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