UN, UK, Switzerland sanction Houthi military Leaders in Yemen

Three leading figures of the Houthi rebels in Yemen are included in the sanctions list by the UN Security Council Committee and are designated by the UK and Switzerland.


November 9, 2021, the UN Security Council Committee added three names to the list of sanctioned individuals pursuant to resolutions 2140, and 2216. The sanctioned individuals are also designated by the UK and Switzerland.


Muhammad Abd Al-Karim Al-Ghamari, Saleh Mesfer Saleh Al Shaer and Yusuf Al-Madani, all prominent figures of the Iran-backed Houthi movement in Yemen, are responsible for leading attacks across the country, especially in Marib as well as organizing assaults across the border, to Saudi Arabia.


Al Shaer is the Major General and the “Judicial Custodian” of the funds owned by opponents. He is directly involved in obtaining smuggled weapons as well as the forced appropriation of assets defying the UN Arms embargo. Major General Al-Ghamari and Al-Madani are known to have played leading roles in organizing cross-border attacks against Saudi Arabia and in Marib, “threatening the peace, security and stability of Yemen”.


James Cleverly, UK FCDO’s (Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office) Minister for the Middle East and North Africa emphasized the Houthis need to “engage in negotiations”.


The civil conflicts in Yemen started in 20114 when Houthi militia took control of the northern territories of the country in a revolt against the established government. Supported by Iran, the Houthi militia had staged drone and missile attacks against the neighbouring Saudi Arabia as well. The war had cost more than 200’000 lives by 2020.


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