China “shows no mercy”, arrests former regulator on bribery charges.

Former Deputy Chairman who retired in 2013 became the latest in the row of prosecuted former officials, showing the country’s determination to root out corruption.

Cai Esheng, the the former vice chairman of China’s Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) was arrested eight years after his retirement. Cai was already expelled from the Communist Party back in January. He was accused of abusing his position of power, “disrupting the market order” and corrupting the system for his private gain.


China continues to tackle corruption in higher echelons of bureaucracy and the party. The anti-corruption campaign has so far targeted a long list of high-level decision-makers.


The sternness of the stance of the government was made public after the meeting against political corruption held in January. Cai was arrested by the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and awaits investigation and prosecution.