US to launch new North Korea sanctions monitoring regime by May

The US Ambassador to the United Nations described their new moves on sanctions in a statement on Friday.

Linda Thomas-Greenfield announced that they hope to find a new way to ensure that sanctions are imposed on North Korea by next month after Russia and China blocked the renewal of monitoring activities.

Thomas-Greenfield said Washington and its allies are considering several options both inside and outside the UN to replace the panel of experts that has monitored the implementation of sanctions aimed at curbing North Korea’s nuclear and missile programmes for the past 15 years.

They are also looking at options outside the UN

Speaking about the new move after the current panel, the Ambassador said: “This would be the most appropriate thing to start next month. I don’t think we can move that fast, but that is my hope,” he said: “We are pushing the UN Secretariat through the Secretary-General to do something outside his office, but we are also looking at options outside the UN.”

This time the US is targeting North Korea’s military financing