UK announces new sanctions against Russia on the anniversary of the war

Britain has announced a new package of sanctions against Russia, seeking to reduce President Vladimir Putin’s arsenal of weapons and war chest two years after the invasion of Ukraine.
The package, covering more than 50 individuals and organizations, comes as part of a coordinated Western effort to clamp down on the Russian economy.

“Our international economic pressure means Russia cannot afford this illegal invasion. Our sanctions deprive Putin of the resources he desperately needs to fund the war he is fighting,” the statement said.

The European Union approved its own comprehensive sanctions package the day before, banning nearly 200 organizations and individuals accused of helping Moscow procure weapons or being involved in the kidnapping of Ukrainian children.

UK sanctions list inculdes more than 2,000 Russian individuals, companies and groups

The UK sanctioned companies linked to the Russian munitions industry, including the Sverdlov State-owned Enterprise, which it said was the largest, and targeted revenue streams in the metals, diamond and energy industries.

These included a Turkish company that the UK says supplies electronics to Russia, three electronics companies in China, and executives of Russian diamond producer Alrosa. Executives of copper producer UMMC were also added to the list.

It also sanctioned major Russian importers and manufacturers of products used in the production of defense systems and components ranging from missiles and engines to tanks and fighter jets.

The UK sanctions list includes more than 2,000 Russian individuals, companies and groups.