EU prepares sanctions against Voice of Europe broadcaster

Russian propaganda media platform Voice of Europe will be included in the EU’s 14th sanctions package against Russia.

The announcement was made by Vera Jurova, Vice President of the European Commission, and Jurova stated that 67 individuals and 23 organisations will be added to the new EU sanctions package.

Jurova reminded that the Czech government included the Voice of Europe in the national sanctions list at the end of March. The move comes after Czech security agencies presented evidence of attempts to interfere in European elections through the platform. At the same time, sanctions were imposed on pro-Russian Ukrainian businessmen Artem Marchevskyi and Viktor Medvedchuk, who, according to the authorities, used Voice of Europe in Moscow’s favour.

Now Prague wants EU-level sanctions against Marcheskyi. However, no agreement has yet been reached on this. After being sanctioned by the Czech Republic, Marcheskyi moved to neighbouring Slovakia, where his bank accounts and assets were also frozen, and where the local authorities granted him temporary protection as a Ukrainian citizen.

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